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Future Business Leaders of America, Inc. (FBLA) is the largest business career and technical student organization in the world.  FBLA inspires and prepares Middle School, High School, and Collegiate members to become community-minded business leaders.

FBLA builds a student’s business skill set by exposing them to a wide range of unique competitions. Students will be able to compete at the district, state, and national level for their chosen competition.

2024 -2025 Officers

Future Business Leaders of America

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2023-2024 FBLA Executive Officers

President: Aarav Gupta

Vice President of Member Engagement: Steve Foka

Vice President of Competitive Events: Aadarsh Gupta

Director of Marketing and Communications:  Sattva Patel 

Secretary: Dev Patel

Treasurer:  Vibhavari Kotte

Advisor:  Ms. Bernie Thompson

Future Business Leaders of America, Inc. (FBLA) is the largest business career and technical student organization in the world. Each year, FBLA inspires and prepares more than 200,000 middle school, high school, and collegiate members to become community-minded business leaders.

Mission Statement

FBLA inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences.

Code of Ethics

I will:

■ be honest and sincere.

■ approach each task with confidence in my ability to perform my work at a high standard.

■ willingly accept responsibilities and duties.

■ seek to profit from my mistakes and take suggestions and criticisms directed toward the improvement of myself and my work.

■ abide by the rules and regulations of my school.

■ exercise initiative and responsibility and will cooperate with my employer and fellow workers.

■ dress and act in a manner that will bring respect to me and to my school.

■ seek to improve my community by contributing my efforts and my resources to worthwhile projects

FBLA Creed


  • education is the right of every person.
  • the future depends on mutual understanding and cooperation among business, industry, labor, religious, family, and educational institutions, as well as people around the world. I agree to do my utmost to bring about understanding and cooperation among all of these groups.
  •  every person should prepare for a useful occupation and carry on that occupation in a manner that brings the greatest good to the greatest number.
  • every person should actively work toward improving social, political, community, and family life.
  • every person has the right to earn a living at a useful occupation.
  • every person should take responsibility for carrying out assigned tasks in a manner that brings credit to self, associates, school, and community.
  • I have the responsibility to work efficiently and to think clearly. I promise to use my abilities to make the world a better place for everyone.