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Advisory Board

Join us: Advisory Board Invitation

Advisory Board Invitation!

Dear Potential HRHS AOFT Advisory Board Member:

I would like to invite you to serve on the advisory board which serves the Academy of Financial Technology at Hickory Ridge High School. The advisory board provides a critical bridge between schools and the workplace, collaborating with the academy to prepare students for success in college and career. 

As an Advisory Board member, you can directly impact the academy by:

  • Leveraging connections to raise awareness of the academy and build community support
  • Securing and coordinating a sequence of work-based learning experiences, including internships, based on the academy’s work-based learning calendar
  • Participating in a variety of in-person and virtual classroom activities and student projects
  • Finding, funding, or furnishing paid internship opportunities
  • Collaborating with academy leaders to enhance curriculum and professional development
  • Providing strategic leadership and soliciting financial support from the community to ensure academy sustainability 

You can find more about our Academy at  Also, check out for more information about NAF, a national network of academies and advisory boards preparing students for college and career success. 

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to further explain the roles and responsibilities of advisory board members and to discuss your interest in joining the group. Please share your availability for this conversation via email or phone listed below.

We are excited to work with you through the advisory board and we know you’ll make a tremendous impact on our academy students’ futures!

Best Regards,

Ms. Kendra Glover
HRHS Career Development Coordinator
704-260-6630 x42703 

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